“Barb Hollace is more than an editor. She has the ability to bring out the heart and passion behind the words in a project, to bring them to life in a way that draws the reader in making them want to read more, to know more, to feel more. Her skills include intuitively sensing what message the writer is trying to say and she distills the ideas into a concise powerful document. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learned from her on a grant application, my first, which was fully funded.”

Julie Sheldon

Executive Director, Inland NW Baby

“Every first-time writer knows this challenge: How can I communicate my thoughts in clear succinct syntax that every reader can understand? That challenge is where I found myself when I approached Barbara Hollace to help me edit my first book. Not only did she help imbue me with confidence, she was also willing to take my phone calls and emails when I ran into my oft repeated “writer’s block”. Her editorship greatly helped improve my writing as I progressed from chapter to chapter. I sold out my first print run and ordered additional copies. The book I thought no one would read is now critically acclaimed by many online. I have since recommended Barbara Hollace to many other budding writers and they thank me profusely for sending them to a very professional editor. Barb, you are the best!”

Francis Adewale


“Working with Barb was a wonderful experience. We were working on our company’s vision and other strategic planning documents to rejuvenate our 27 year old business and asked Barb to help us. The three of us guys were having trouble articulating our thoughts. Barb took the time and asked questions to understand what we were trying to say, and then helped us to develop the needed documents. It was a pleasure to work with Barb and I would not hesitate to call on her again when the need arises.”

John Alcamo

Strategic Planning Client , Pro Cut Saw and Tool

“Barb Hollace is an exceptional speaker, brimming with information to help writers. She is encouraging and her presentations are always interesting. Barb’s reputation as an editor is well documented, as she strives to help authors fulfill their potential.”

Faye Higbee

Past President, Idaho Coeur d’Alene League of Writers

“God called me to write a book and He also brought Barb Hollace into my life to bring the book to its full potential. Barb not only corrected the grammar, but she made it flow beautifully without changing the meaning. Her attention to detail and challenging me to reach to greater heights shows her strong commitment to bring glory to God in all her work. May God continue to bless her work, family, and ministry.”

Michaelyn Hodges

A Spiritual Journey to God's Best

“I am not sure where our organization’s communications would be without Barb’s ability to turn in-house draft documents into grammatically spot-on written instruments that read like “butter”; yet at the same time accurately convey the original intent of the correspondence. ”

Joe Lachnit

Executive Director, Freedom Has A Face

“I am the perfect example of God qualifying the called rather than God calling the qualified.  Spelling and grammar are not my strong suit but God led me to write.  As my fingers hit the keyboard, God filled me with what I was to write about.  Along with those ideas came spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. I prayed for God to help me find an editor who shared the same love for Him that I had. God is good and Barb was the answer to that prayer. In the last year I have grown in my writing because of Barb’s support and guidance. I highly recommend Barb to anyone who is looking for an editor. She is truly a blessing to me. ”

Kim Chaffin

Heartfelt Ramblings of a Midlife Domestic Goddess

“My career involves a voluminous amount of reading. That said, I am not a fan of fiction. Yet, I have enjoyed reading Barb’s work of fiction… especially her novel, “31”. I found myself “stalling” to get back to work until I finished the page… then that section… and then finally finish the chapter. I find Barb’s writing well thought out with engaging and unexpected twists and turns that sometimes don’t come together until the last chapter in that delightful, “Ah-ha” moment. ”

Joe Lachnit

Executive Director, Freedom Has A Face

“I got to know Mrs. Barbara Hollace when I first visited Spokane Dream Center in Spokane, Washington, as I traveled to the United States from my home in Kumasi, Ghana, Africa. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend, and she promised to edit a new book I was writing, “There is a New World Coming”. When I finally gave her the script for editing, she did an excellent job. Mrs. Hollace meticulously checked every spelling, sentence construction, grammatical mistakes and also reconstructed some sentences to make it more meaningful. Her adherence to technicalities in editing makes her unique. She is also sound in her Christian beliefs. This ability makes her a very prolific and excellent editor.”

Dr. Paul Dapaah

Senior Pastor, Faith Assembly of God Church, Ghana

“I met Barb Hollace through my coach and mentor as we worked on my first e-book. Barb quickly became a great ally in the process of creating the book; she supported me from the first rough draft through the final product, not only with her talent and skills as an editor, but also with encouraging messages that let me know I was on the right track, and that I had what was needed to create the best book possible.”

“If you are looking for professionalism and someone that can bring out the best in your writing, you have to work with Barb. I highly recommend her as an editor; and at a personal level, her kindness and positive messages make her a pleasure to work with.”

Dania Santana

Embracing Diversity

“Barb is responsive, timely, and extremely thorough. I love working with her because she is thoughtful and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the piece is accurate and conveys the author’s message. She pays great attention to detail and has great professional ethics. I often recommend her to my book coaching clients!”

Elayna Fernandez

The Positive Mom

“I know I am BLESSED beyond measure to have found Barb Hollace. She truly is ONE of the many gals on ”My Dream Team”. She will do an AWESOME job for my book, I know she will, & I am more than excited to know that I have the editor I need.

She kept me & my voice in the editing she already has done and I KNOW she can do the same for anyone else whether you are like me OR you are not like me and you speak proper English. What I LOVE about her is she keeps YOUR voice & your language in the editing she does….LOVE IT!!!!”

Laura Streicher

Ontario, Canada

Barbara is an excellent editor.  She is intuitive, insightful, and professional.  I wanted someone who would understand the heartbeat of my book and ensure it would stay true to how it was written.
Barbara did that.  It’s like she slipped into the pages and corrected the grammar making the words flow through each page.  I knew from our first conversation that she’s got this.  Barb went above and beyond my expectations and I would be honored to work with her again.  If you are looking for an editor, she’s the one.  Thanks Barb.
Doreen Penner

Heart Coach and Speaker

The job? To proofread each preface page and its accompanying music in my beginning piano student packet. After being cooped up indoors for a few weeks doing this work project, I was yearning to enjoy some sunshine and sweet fresh air. Barbara amicably agreed to meet outdoors.
She went right to work making corrections and notating the reasons in the margins. I valued her suggestions to make an idea more clearly understood. After she finished proofreading my work she reviewed her notes to me verbally, making it easy for me to make the corrections later. Barbara certainly showed forth her competence as a most valued proofreader as well as a caring, patient, and helpful person. I appreciate all she did for me that memorable afternoon.

Sandra Bovee, NCTM

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