Coaching for Writers

What is a Writing Coach?

” A writing coach is a guide…  the writing coach helps the writer organize his or her project, determine a schedule, and select a completion date as a goal. The writing coach discusses the stages of a writing project, including an initial outline, preliminary research, a revised outline, more extensive research (and, if necessary, interviews), another revised outline, and various drafts, followed by the editorial process (developmental or substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading).

A writing coach helps the writer develop a clear and compelling premise or plot, determine a tone, style, and voice based on the intended audience, and produce a coherent, captivating narrative, whether fiction or nonfiction…. ” and so much more.  Excerpt from

Whether you have an idea in your mind that needs to see the light of day or written pages that need to be polished, let’s see what we can do as we partner together. There are several packages listed below to make your selection. Congratulations for making it this far on your book journey!

Coaching Packages

Taking the time to write… it’s a gift that writers must give themselves. When do you find the time to be creative and let your stories flow onto the page? It’s time to give yourself the gift of writing in your busy schedule. It’s on my list for 2017.

Your gift may come wrapped up in a one day virtual writing workshop (offered quarterly) or a two-week daily writing challenge. Take your pick!

One Day Virtual Workshop

The first quarterly virtual writing workshop will be in March, 2017
hosted online which includes teaching sessions as well as time to do “your homework”.

One Day Virtual Writing Workshop

Beginning Feb 16, 2017

Two-Week Writing Challenge

The first two week writing challenge will be in February 2017
with daily writing prompts and a private Facebook group to share your work.

Two-Week Writing Challenge

Beginning January 16, 2017

Your Path to Publication 90-Day Program

2017 is quickly approaching! You are a writer at heart but for many reasons getting your manuscript finished has been just beyond your reach. It’s time to take action. Let me walk alongside you to encourage you, help you over the rough spots, and then polish your work. Whether you only have the idea in your head and a few scattered notes or if you’ve finished your rough draft and can’t figure out how to take the next step, I can help you.  Beginning in January 2017, take the next step toward making your dream come true.

  • You have an idea/notes, your goal is a rough draft (50-100 pgs.).
  • Willingness to be coached and receive feedback.
  • Finish the process in 90 days.
  • You have a rough draft 50-100 pages in length.
  • Willingness to be coached and receive feedback.
  • Finish the process in 90 days.

What you receive:

• One 60-minute coaching call per month (3 total)
• Ten (10) hours of editing on your writing project during the 90 day package term.
• Pre-recorded weekly tutorials to help you through the writing & editing process (over 3 months)
• Resource/Recommendation list for publishing options & marketing ideas.

Regular Price: $1197 for entire program

Bonus Early Bird Discount (Pay in Full):  $997 total, paid in full.

Option #1: Pay in FULL by 12/31/2016 and SAVE $200…  $997

Option #2: Pay in 2 payments of $525
(1st payment: by December 31, 2016 and 2nd payment: by January 31, 2017)
Subscribe Now to Pay in 2 Installments:

“I am the perfect example of God qualifying the called rather than God calling the qualified.  Spelling and grammar are not my strong suit but God led me to write.  As my fingers hit the keyboard, God filled me with what I was to write about.  Along with those ideas came spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. I prayed for God to help me find an editor who shared the same love for Him that I had. God is good and Barb was the answer to that prayer. In the last year I have grown in my writing because of Barb’s support and guidance. I highly recommend Barb to anyone who is looking for an editor. She is truly a blessing to me. ” Kim Chaffin

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