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Connections = Knowledge + Influence

“No man is an island.” This oft repeated quote by John Donne is more profound today than it was when he penned these now famous words in 1624. As writers, we do not write in a vacuum. We are citizens, family members, members of the workforce and dream seekers. Our lives influence the lives of others.

On this page, I am including some resources that have been helpful to me in my journey as an author, editor and speaker. We need to continue to refresh our skills and expand our horizons. These are some of those resources for me. If others resources are helpful for you, please feel free to drop me a note at and I will review them for possible inclusion on this list.

Writing Opportunities

Funds for Writers: Hope Clark puts together this great newsletter. The free edition, Funds for Writers, comes out weekly and offers writing opportunities in a variety of areas: contests, grants, magazines, writing jobs, agents, and publishers. There is also a deluxe edition of the newsletter, Total Funds for Writers. Each issue contains 70+ grants, competitions, markets, jobs, publishers and agents seeking your work and all paying $200 or 10 cents/ word and up. $18.75/year. (A great buy)

Craigslist: Free listings for writing jobs, both nationally and internationally. Specifically, look in two sections: Jobs column: Writing/Editing and Gigs column: Writing.

Publishing Industry Resources

Publisher’s Weekly: This magazine is known as the ‘bible’ of the publishing world. The print edition is a substantial investment but is often available at your local library. This valuable resource gives you the pulse beat about what’s happening in the publishing industry. They also have *free* email newsletters.


Writers are always looking for the ‘magic formula’ to find an agent. There isn’t one except hard work, a little luck, and timing.

KEY: When searching for an agent, make sure that your book fits the genre that they represent. This is one example of a well-known, well-respected agent in the industry.

Michael Larsen: Michael is the author of “How to Write A Book Proposal” and his website is filled with resources and author info from his 43 years in the business.

Terry Whalin: Terry is a former literary agent and currently the Acquisitions Editor for Morgan James Publishing. His website is filled with great resources for both new and seasoned authors.


Today authors have many options in the publishing world from self-publishing to pursuing a publishing contract with a traditional publisher or eBooks with Kindle or Nook, just to name a few. Your manuscript needs to find the right place to call home.

Gray Dog Press: If you have decided to pursue the self-publishing route and you’d like someone who help guide you, Russ Davis at Gray Dog Press is a great option. He serves not only a local audience but authors and companies across the nation. His expertise, integrity and quest for excellence make Russ great to work with as you pursue your publishing dream.

Kindle: Electronic books are one of the newest options to expanding your audience. Your books can reach the world in one click. The system is fairly straight-forward but enlisting someone with experience in formatting is a timesaver.


Marketing Professionals

There are several people who have gained a reputation for their expertise within the writing community. Here are a few of them:

Author 101 University: Rick Frishman – One of the publicity gurus. His website and ezine are good information sources.

Radio TV Interview Report: Steve Harrison, Radio-TV Interview Report – Producers read this to find interesting guests.

National Publicity Summit:  This offers an amazing opportunity to meet producers and journalists from top media outlets. (These are more expensive methods of promotion, but are well-known for results throughout the industry.

Blog Tours

The Book Publicity Blog: What is a Book Blog Tour? Blog Tours are one of the new low-cost promotion methods that authors are using.

Book Tours

J.A. Jance: One of my favorite authors that still does book tours is J.A. Jance. Check out her website for her schedule and also blog entries from her latest book tour.

Social Networking

Social Media has become an intricate part of our lives and a place to connect with our colleagues and our audience. Finding the balance between social media interaction and keeping your ‘butt in the chair’ to write can be challenging. Make social media your friend and it can reap many benefits.

FaceBook – Facebook is not only a place of social interaction but by creating a fan page you can promote your book or your business. It can also be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Twitter: Do you like to tweet? Another way to communicate your message and keep your readers engaged is through Twitter. Messages must be 140 characters or less.

YouTube: Not only are our words powerful, but if you are a speaker, your audience likes to hear what you sound like and look like. YouTube has billions of views, use this tool as another method to expand your connections.


Authors often have blogs on their website. It’s like writing a journal entry and a good way to update your fans about your life and writing projects.

Newspapers are using reader blogs to expand their news reach.  Another term used is that you are a citizen journalist. Since 2008, I have written a blog for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Apartment Living.

Apartment Living Blog:  This blog focuses on life in an apartment community and the many facets of life that happen there. My experience as an apartment manager offers great insight here. NOTE: The Seattle P.I. doesn’t allow you to use the blog for promotional purposes.

Book Clubs

Dear Reader:  Suzanne Beecher – Suzanne offers a 5-minute read per weekday in each of her book clubs, Business, Fiction, Good News, Mystery, Teen, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Audio Books, Pre-Publication. She works with over 100 publishers, and sends daily excerpts to 375,000 book club members. A list of publishers is on her website.

Local book clubs: Most communities have not one but many book clubs that meet around the city from public places to private homes. People love to read and there are a multitude of genres to make your selection and discuss these books. Check with your local bookstore, newspaper or local librarian for more book club information. Book clubs are a great place to connect with local authors and also a place to share your stories.

Writing Groups: Being a writer can be a solo journey. Some writers appreciate gathering together for manuscript critiques or just moral support. Writer’s conferences – both virtual and in-person, are places to gather information and improve your craft. The internet is filled with information, and again, your local bookstore can help you with local resources.


Make connections. Gather information.


Improve your craft. Influence the world.

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