Only moments ago the ball ‘dropped’ in Times Square and the shouts of celebration were heard around the world.

Fifteen days later those shouts are mere echoes of a happy place without the challenges of daily living. How have you been? Have you been caught in a vortex of chaos or are you walking on a carefree sandy seashore?

I have to admit that I am not as organized as I had hoped to be, but I’m surviving. In fact, I am trying new things. Pushing out boundaries and rewriting old scripts.

As a writer, if I see a contest or blog opportunity that I’d like to try, I jump in with both feet, just like jumping into a mud puddle. I’m choosing to be BRAVE in 2016 and hear the words “WHY NOT?” rather than “NOT ME”.


What is holding you back from reaching your dreams?

What is pushing you forward?

I am realizing that I have more skills in my toolbox than I realized…. go figure.

How about you? Is there something that is a hobby that might be an income-producing activity? Do you need to replace watching television or playing video games with a volunteer activity? There are plenty of organizations who could use you and your special skills.

Take a moment. Take a breath. Take a leap.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Identify the good and magnify it!