Editor, November 2013

It’s 3005 BC and world history hangs in the balance. The Togarmites are The Guardians of Enoch’s Treasures. These ‘treasures’ include the Book of Enoch and its prophesies along with the copious notes and illustrations the seventh son from Adam left behind. In these notes are his plans for producing an unlimited power source to ease the burden of mankind. The demon giant, Sabator, and his followers known as the Sabatora will not rest until they have Enoch’s notes in hand so they can build weapons of mass destruction and rule the world. The Sabatora have enlisted the help of the Dark Lord, Tooloe, (Lucifer) and his fallen horde. The Togarmites serve the Ever Living One, whom they call ELO. The angel, Raphael and the fiery hosts have been assigned the duty of assuring that the prophesies ELO gave Enoch will be read by those destined to fulfill them 3,000 years in the future. There is one slight problem, however. The angels can only do their job when ELO’s servants ask him for help. The story begins as Nimrod is attempting to capture Enoch’s Treasures. Beside him in his chariot is his trusty sorcerer, Mewertwo. This pint sized channel of evil has enlisting help from Lucifer’s regional champion, the Price of Persia to seal the deal. Togarm and his brothers, Melkey and Ogura are forced to flee with their Uncle, Ashkenaz from the land of Punt, (Africa) to Middle Goldoba, (Central America). Melkey dies when Ashkenaz commandeers the ship and fails keep the ship out of harm’s way. The Togarmites escape Nimrod’s grasp but discover that Sabteca, his brother, has set up shop and is busy establishing the Tec Empire. Ninus, Nimrod’s grandson is there too. He is a budding sorcerer. He is the one who’s really in charge here. Until now, their empire building has been going according to plan. But Ashkenaz has put the Dark Lord’s evil plans to reestablish his spiritual grip over the region at risk by forcing Togarm to come with him. Unlike his uncle Ashkenaz, Togarm is a threat because he is a servant of the Ever Living One. – Will the Dark Lord regain his dominion over Middle and Lower Goldoba? – Will Ninus get his hands on Enoch’s Treasures and produce weapons of mass destruction? – Or, will Togarm manage to summon the Host of Heaven in time to mess everything up?