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Love, Animals and Miracles: New World Library

Contributing Author, November 2015 Author of A Princess and a Duke Dr. Bernie Siegel has long observed how relationships with animals have helped his patients, alleviating their suffering and heartbreak. Now, he’s gathered many inspiring true stories, including...

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Vanishing Raven: High Mule Publishing

Editor, January 2014 It's 1867 in the Wyoming Territory, Chance Creager and his brothers have built their small, isolated ranch in the uninhabited valley near the Greybull River. While hunting, Chance stumbles upon a decaying wagon sunk in mud, near it the grisly...

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Guardians of Enoch’s Treasures: Michael Wells

Editor, November 2013 It’s 3005 BC and world history hangs in the balance. The Togarmites are The Guardians of Enoch’s Treasures. These ‘treasures’ include the Book of Enoch and its prophesies along with the copious notes and illustrations the seventh son from Adam...

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Over the Mountains: Francis Adewale Ministries

Editor, October 2013 Life is like a mountain. Masses of people are at the bottom, but the few who distinguish themselves are at the top. The outstanding few who will stand at the summit will endure hardship, forsake many of life’s pleasures and summon something deep...

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A Miracle Under the Christmas Tree: Harlequin

Contributing Author, October 2012 There's something truly magical about Christmas. Filled with remarkable true stories of the kindness of strangers and the blessings of answered prayers, this collection with its small miracles truly captures the spirit of the season....

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